Friday, December 16, 2016

Color schemes and Relationships

Relationships of Combined Colors

 Color schemes are used to create style and appeal. Colors that create an aesthetic feeling when used together will commonly accompany each other in color schemes.  A basic color scheme will use two colors that look appealing together.

 More advanced color schemes involve several related colors in "Analogous" combination, for example, text with such colors as red, yellow, and orange arranged together on a black background in a magazine article.

 The addition of light blue creates an "Accented Analogous" color scheme.
Color schemes can contain different "Monochromatic" shades of a single color; for example, a color scheme that mixes different shades of green, ranging from very light (white), to very neutral (gray), to very dark (black). (Wikipedia)
Warm and cool colors can have an emotional response.  Red is associated with passion, action and danger; orange with vibrancy and health; yellow with happiness, warmth and sunshine.  Blues suggest space, coolness, tranquility, and melancholy.  
Our emotional response to certain colors can be linked to their environmental association.  For example, brown represents earthiness and harmony.  Green suggest growth and is refreshing and cooling.  
Purple is the finite color combining warmth and coldness, distance and closeness, and is often viewed as inspirational, religious, and soothing.

Friday, December 9, 2016

A New Escape

I became an enthusiast of painting in an old pool barn my Uncle Bob used to store his old, I mean antique automobiles in during the winter.  It was rustic and dangerous back then, adventures three stories high.  Sitting on one of the rafters were a couple of paint cans my sisters and I were dying to get our hands on.  It only took moments later to realize we had spilled it all over the floor boards, our hands were covered.  Needless to say, we were grounded from the barn and painting for a while.  The memory and the paint still remains.  Since then I have made it my passion to be adventurous and creative; discovering ways to transform a room, not a barn, with affordable, stylish designs, paint-effects ext..

Tips for Transformation:
  • Lowe's Home Improvement stores: Paint colors that have been mixed incorrectly
  • https://www.Lowe'
  • Samples, idea boards for visualizing your goal
  • Multipurpose tools and equipment 
  • Consider environmental issues and a low-waste technique for biodegradable materials
  • Brushes, sponges and rollers
  • Effects and working with color
  • Creating a mood with color
  • Paint selection 


It's all overwhelming at first sight; PATIENCE and ENTHUSIASM are necessary elements to reach your own personal vision.  Color can brighten or darken an atmosphere; stimulating mood and influencing thoughts and feelings with color schemes can be intense. Depending on the areas of your life, "you can choose colors to work with that could stimulate, soothe, or enhance your enjoyment of home, work and life in general." (Skinner, Kerry).  
You may not be a an interior designer of any fashion style, though you are an expert of your own interpretations and vision.  I personally enjoy to walk into a room and feel as though I was exported to the mountains, shipped across the ocean to an exotic land, or simply comfortable in a rustic, backwoods barn.  Yes, color can be a good distraction to suit your own needs, feelings and emotions. Combining colors and painting techniques will add creativity and self expression to a desired atmosphere.